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Facts about Mariupol Drama Theatre

Peaceful life

➜ The Mariupol Drama Theatre was built in 1960. The construction lasted from 1956.

➜ The theatre had 2 stages: a large one with 680 seats and a small one with 62 seats

➜ In 1978, the theatre celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the of the first professional theatre troupe in Mariupol

➜ On November 12, 2007, the theater became Academic. The theater's repertoire included dramas, comedies, and plays for children and youth, musicals, etc.

➜ On December 28, 1983, the Mariupol Drama Theater received the status of an architectural monument

➜ The theater is located on the main axis of the city in the square – almost all of Mariupol was at its feet


➜ During the siege of the city, the theatre became home to 500-1200 people who lost their homes during the bombings.

➜ Pregnant women, women in labour from the maternity hospital, mothers with newborns were brought to the theatre as to a safe bomb shelter

➜ On March 16, 2022, the theater was destroyed by an air strike of the Russian Armed Forces

➜ It is currently impossible to establish how many people were killed. According to various estimates, from 300 to 1200 people

➜ About 100 people who were outside, because they came to use the field kitchen, also died from the strike

➜ In the 20s of December 2022, the occupation authorities demolished the the remains of the theatre to conceal the crime.

What exactly we do 

Our goal is to preserve the history of the Drama Theatre in Mariupol without distortion and bring it to the world

1. We have collected all the information about the architectural project of the Donetsk Drama Theatre in Mariupol and based on the project, we created a unique plaster construction set that you can assemble yourself

2. Historians - professors and PhDs - have collected a complete history of the theatre, which you can learn by building our construction set.

3. We are also preparing a visualization of the history of the Drama Theatre in VR.

4. We are looking for museums in Ukraine and abroad that would like to exhibit this artifact and tell the true story as it is.

See what our unique construction set looks like and how it can be assembled:  


About the construction set

Mariupol Drama Theatre

We have created a unique plaster model of the Mariupol theatre, which is already on display in the Rivne Museum of Local Lore and we plan to physically preserve and take the model of this building, destroyed by Russian troops, outside Ukraine.

The construction set consists of plaster parts and, when assembled, completely reproduces the architectural design of the Mariupol Theatre in a 1:150 ratio. We have tried to recreate the building as accurately as possible so that the memory of Ukrainian destroyed culture, art, and history would remain intact and spread to other countries. This will prevent the erasure or rewriting of these moments of Ukrainian history.

The construction set includes: the construction set , manual, glue, paint, corners, sandpaper, brushes etc. Augmented reality with voice-over presentation will be implemented in the future.


Сommunity organization History in Hands will use the funds you donate to conduct activities for IDPs and rehabilitate children and the soldiers. We will always inform you about all our programmes and events will always be reported on social media

Who is the constructor intended for

Museums of any direction in Ukraine and different parts of the world

History clubs in educational institutions of Ukraine. Universities with historical faculties abroad

Collectors who collect unique construction sets

Embassies of different countries and Ukraine in other countries

For collaborative activities at home with children so that they know the history of the country

For people with visual/hearing impairments for tactile learning of history

Why we do it: 3 main reasons


We want to popularize the history of such buildings in Ukraine and abroad, which have become a symbol of the crime against humanity committed by the terrorist country in the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war.


We try to stimulate the interest of representatives of the Ukrainian and foreign community, especially young people and children, to stimulate interest in further in-depth study of the modern history of Ukraine.


We strive to integrate Ukrainian historical and cultural component into European cultural space. This will help preserve history as it is and prevent it from being changed. After all, we know that we need to treat it responsibly.

Why we do it: parallels with historical past

Just imagine if your country's bitter past was devalued

Great Britain World War II 1939-1945

Great Britain World War II 1939-1945

The bombing began on 14 November 1940 at 19:24 and lasted all night, ending only at about 6:00 am on 15 November.

437 aircraft participated in the raid on Coventry. During 11 hours of continuous bombardment, 86 tons of incendiary bombs, 394 tons of high-explosive bombs and 127 parachute mines were dropped on the city

The city was almost completely destroyed: 4,330 houses and all enterprises. About 2,000 residents were killed, about 3 thousand people - wounded.

The Coventry bombing marked the beginning of a new era of total air raids.        

Who we are

Community organization  History in Hands tries to preserve the historical memory of objects of cultural heritage of Ukraine that were physically destroyed as a result of the criminal actions of the Russian Federation against the civilian population of Ukraine.

One of the goals of the Community organization History in Hands is to activate the Ukrainian and European society in the fight against terrorism, by popularizing information about the tragic events in Ukraine among representatives of the Ukrainian and European communities

We are sure that this will help prevent the recurrence of similar tragedies on a global scale

Our main goal is the patriotic education of youth based on the ideas of peace, democracy, national self-identity and tolerance

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Our plans for future

History you can hold in hands

Community organization The History in Hands  will develop the field of large construction sets that recreate the country's historical buildings. The main purpose is to give everyone a chance to touch the recreation of history. These constructors will be used as part of art therapy for IDPs, children, veterans and volunteers affected by Russian aggression.        

Constructors consist of large parts that almost exactly reproduce historical buildings - they are easy to assemble for children and people with physical or sensory impairments
Art therapy with the help of a constructor makes it possible to feel involved in history, calms one down, and helps to overcome internal conflicts, anxiety, and fear.
The construction set is provided free of charge. Along with the construction set, each participant of the event is provided with a QR code, which can be used to find out the full history of the building.

The construction set is provided free of charge. Along with the construction set, each participant of the event is provided with a QR code, which can be used to find out the full history of the building.

Get involved in preserving of modern history

GET the constructor FOR A €300 DONATION


support our fund with a donation


Where your donations go

Organising events for IDPs 

We organise various events to support IDPs, both material and psychological. For example charity auctions among businesses, meetings with psychologist for IDP children and adults, etc.

Assistance in the rehabilitation of children, veterans, and volunteers.  

We help children affected by Russian military aggression to recover psychologically. To ensure that our heroes do not feel abandoned, we provide them with psychological support through art therapy.        

Organising exhibitions and events

To keep the history of Ukraine intact and to involve as many people as possible, we hold various exhibitions and other educational events. The main goal is that Ukrainians should not forget their history


Why donate for the constructor?

When the construction kit of the theatre building in Mariupol, which actually existed and inspired Mariupol residents, is placed in many museums around the world and in people's collections, it will be very difficult to rewrite history, as Russians usually do. And when children and adults assemble the construction set, they feel like restorers of history and justice.

How will you deliver the constructor if I am not in Ukraine?

The main delivery method is by the international carrier Nova Post, which operates in Ukraine and abroad. "Nova Post delivers to more than 200 countries. Delivery time is from 3 days. If you have any other suggestions, let's discuss them and together we will create a path for the construction set you have donated for.

Why is there a fixed donation of 300 euros for the constructor?

The NGO "History in Hands" does not have its own production facilities, so the construction set is made to order by business representatives with whom we have agreed to produce it without profit. Thus, this amount covers the cost of manufacturing the construction set from plaster and materials included in the package and the money that will be used for charitable events and programs for IDPs, children, volunteers and veterans. So by donating 300 euros, you are helping people who   need your support right now! The business realizes its corporate and social responsibility. And you get to own a unique construction set that has no analogues in the world.

What can you do with the construction set?

You can assemble the construction set and place it in the museum of the city where you live. You can assemble it together with your children during common pastimes. It will also be great if you can show it at exhibitions (including charity ones) and tell the story of the theatre. There is an option to use it as a gift. Or for collecting, if you are interested in history, because there will be other construction sets that we will reproduce.        

Why use a construction set for people with visual or hearing impairments?

In 2021, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, there were 2.703 million people with disabilities in Ukraine, about 300 thousand of them with visual or hearing impairments. With the help of our construction set, these people can touch history and experience the monument with their own hands simply by assembling it.

What has already been done for IDPs, the military, and children due to your support?

We presented models of construction kits assembled by IDP children at the local history museum in Rivne, Mariupol State University, the "I am Mariupol" hub and Rivne Integration Center. Once a week, we conduct identity classes for veterans to restore neural connections that were damaged as a result of shell shock. For children, we organize weekly classes on speed reading and memorization for everyday life.

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